September 2, 2011

Don’t be Kryptonite: The truth about modesty

Have you ever heard about Superman a.k.a. Clark Kent?  Well if you can remember anything about him, you’ll recall that if he ever comes in contact with a certain crystal then he becomes very weak and vulnerable.  If you saw the newest Superman movie, Superman Returns, then you should remember that the Kryptonite nearly killed Clark!

It could kill us too!
We also have our own Kryptonite.  We have things that make us weak, that make us fall.  They can come in many forms.  One of the most common ones is immodest clothing.  To all you girls out there, did you know that if you wear certain types of outfits it can cause guys to have ungodly thoughts, even if those guys are Christians?  I’m talking about wearing short-shorts, tight pants and tops, cropped shirts that show your belly, necklines that go very low, most bathing suits {especially bikinis}, etcetera.  Now these aren’t your Kryptonite, girls.  In fact you probably don’t even notice them.  However, they are Kryptonite to every guy you come in contact with.

Walking Kryptonite       
Wouldn’t that have been awful if there was Kryptonite everywhere Superman went?  He wouldn’t be able to do any of the saving or bad-guy fighting that he’s supposed to do!  It just wouldn’t have been fair!  Well it’s not fair to guys if us girls dress immodestly.  “It’s not my fault that they stumble” you might say.  My answer to that is  yea, it is.  Guys are more visual than girls.  It’s harder for them to guard their hearts then it is for us. 

Let them be Supermen
Am I totally blaming girls for this? No, not completely, but you can give guys a break.  Each of us is called by God to do His will. By dressing in a way that’s not modest it’s like putting a stumbling block in front of guys, keeping them from following God’s plan.  By wearing more appropriate clothes there’s one less distraction for them.

Watch out for Villains!
Another good reason to wear modest clothes is that, unfortunately, there are guys out there who don’t have the best intentions toward us girls.  When we dress immodestly those guys will be buzzing around us like flies are to honey.  They may act like they like us, but those guys are really interested in taking advantage of us.  I don’t think we really want guys like that to hang around, right?

Be Super!
As my final note, don’t give in to peer pressure.  Even if you feel awkward being modest whilst in the midst of immodestly clad girls, know that God is proud of you for doing what’s right.  And that’s all that matters.

May 26, 2011

Conferances, and adventurers, and donut shops. Oh my!

Have you ever been to a conference? What about a blogging conference? Or how about a blogging conference for Christian women?  Well, that’s what the Relevant ‘11 Conference is all about, and that’s where I’ll be going come this October. 

My mom and I will be attending together, but that’s not all of it! We’re turning our trip to the conference into a girls’ roadtrip! Donut shops, burger joints, and ancestral towns are just a few of the cool places we’ll be stopping at. (I know, “ancestral towns” sounds weird, but I just couldn’t find a word that means “a place that my ancestors on my mom’s side used to live”)

But, like all wise adventurers, we first need to acquire our equipment, such as: backpacks; purses; pajamas; new clothes; and a surprise project! 

We could just find what we need on the web or at the store (and will for some things) but it will be much cooler to answer the question: “I love that…{whatever it is}…where did you get it?” by saying “Ohh this, we made it!”

Can’t wait to get started! 

If you want to read more posts by ladies going to Relevant check out the link-up at Once Upon a Muffin {Psst! That's my mom's blog ;) }

May 23, 2011

Ahh, Summer…

  Sewing, cooking,

Summer means fun; it means little to no schoolwork,

  making, baking,

Summer means more time for playing; it means more time for relaxing,

  laughing, splashing,

Summer means eating watermelon; it means eating s’mores,

  reading, singing,

Summer means campfires; it means fireworks,

  learning, loving, 

Summer, oh how good it is that you’re almost here.

May 20, 2011

Save the “World”

Now that I’ve told you about Epcot's World Showcase, I want to tell you about the "Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure".  Now I don’t watch the tv show, and maybe you don’t either, but you still might want to know about this fun attraction. 

To put it in a nutshell:
    • You go to one of the Future World "Kim Possible" stations and ask for a ticket.
    • Then at the specified time, you go to the World Showcase "Kim Possible" station just outside of the United Kingdom pavilion and show your ticket to receive a "Kim Possible" phone.
    • The castmember will ask what country you want to start at or they will automatically start you at the UK.
    • At each country the phone says where to go and what to do.
    • You can skip 90% of the talking by pressing a certain button so it doesn’t take so long (and so that you don’t have people staring at you because that phone is soooo loud).
    • At certain times you can use the phone to make “things” happen, like make a small waterfall come to life or steins sing (the reason that my mom and I did it).
    • When you finish an adventure, you will be given the option to choose a different country or stop the adventure altogether.
    • I have been told that each time you do it there's something that you didn't do the last time, so this isn't a one-time-only deal! That makes it fun to do again and again!
    When my mom and I did the Kim Possible thing we began at the United Kingdom pavilion, and then went to the other 6 participating pavilions:
      • France   
      • Japan     
      • Germany
      • China     
      • Norway  
      • Mexico  
      In my opinion Germany (the steins) was the best with Japan (the small waterfall) as second best.

      I hope this post helps you to enjoy Epcot as much as I do!

      May 18, 2011

      Garden of Weeden

      I don’t like to work in our yard. If you were to come to our house the night before a yard-work-day you might even hear a sigh escape my lips. It’s not that I don’t like to get my hands dirty; I just don’t like to get all sweaty. (Surprisingly I never mind much about getting hot & sweaty at Disney.)

      I actually like to weed. I like to feel the little leafy-things come up out of the ground. Especially if they have a really long, thick root. I like to look at the different shapes and kind of weeds. I know that there are certain weeds that I need to grab and pull a certain way. And this might sound weird but when I see new weeds I think of it like a game, or a challenge to pull them out.
      Yea, I know that this isn’t a weed but you don’t really think that I would actually put a photo of a weed up here do you?
      When I weed I get to see the tiny, tiny details, like the pointy leaves on this weed or the fuzzy-stuff on that one.  Each is so intricate, so planned out, like a painting.  It helps to strengthen my faith that this world is not an accident or brought about by random chance over millions of years.  It had to have been created by God.  And if God put so much work into weeds, into “unwanted” plants, then think of how so very much more work and carefully thought out design He put into YOU! His so very much wanted and beloved child!

      I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
                                                                  Psalm 139:14

      The same thing goes for flowers or any plant. A good example is when I weed over by this certain bush. The flower of this bush is very tiny and the petals look as if they were fondant shaped by a baker for a wedding cake. (No it isn't the flower in the photo) Whenever I see it I almost always say “How can anyone believe in evolution when they see this!?!” Truly it must have been designed by God!

      The next time you weed don’t think of it as a boring chore, instead think of it as an affirmation of this truth:
                                                      That God made this world.