May 26, 2011

Conferances, and adventurers, and donut shops. Oh my!

Have you ever been to a conference? What about a blogging conference? Or how about a blogging conference for Christian women?  Well, that’s what the Relevant ‘11 Conference is all about, and that’s where I’ll be going come this October. 

My mom and I will be attending together, but that’s not all of it! We’re turning our trip to the conference into a girls’ roadtrip! Donut shops, burger joints, and ancestral towns are just a few of the cool places we’ll be stopping at. (I know, “ancestral towns” sounds weird, but I just couldn’t find a word that means “a place that my ancestors on my mom’s side used to live”)

But, like all wise adventurers, we first need to acquire our equipment, such as: backpacks; purses; pajamas; new clothes; and a surprise project! 

We could just find what we need on the web or at the store (and will for some things) but it will be much cooler to answer the question: “I love that…{whatever it is}…where did you get it?” by saying “Ohh this, we made it!”

Can’t wait to get started! 

If you want to read more posts by ladies going to Relevant check out the link-up at Once Upon a Muffin {Psst! That's my mom's blog ;) }

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