April 26, 2011

I can show you the world...

When we go to Epcot’s World Showcase we always go from left to right around the lagoon.  I don’t know exactly why, we’ve just always done that.  Maybe it’s because the only rides on that side of the park are at the first two pavilions on the left, in Mexico and Norway.  And that brings me to my Disney topic for today: Epcot’s World Showcase.
a perfume bottle topiary in France
I’ll start off with things that might be useful to bring along: 
  • water bottles on your water-holder lanyards
  • a camera or a camera phone
  • your autograph book or journal
  • pens for the autograph book
  • your Disney pins for trading, if you have them
    the Rose & Crown restaurant at UK
    Now to “the World” which includes:
    • Mexico
    • Norway
    • China
    • Germany
    • Italy
    • The American Adventure
    • Japan
    • Morocco
    • France
    • United Kingdom
    • Canada
      part of the Germany pavilion
      At almost every country you’ll find great food, music, storytellers, entertainers, and history all according to that country.  Mexico and Norway each has a ride.  Norway, China, France, and Canada each have a short film about that country.  The American Adventure has a sort-of long film/show that includes animatronics.  The film at China might be my favorite short film at Epcot; the mountain scenes are simply gorgeous!

      Also, every country has something called “Kidcot” but don’t be deceived by the name and think that this is just for ages eight and under.  Even though you can color in “Duffy the Bear”, the Kidcot Castmembers will stamp and maybe write a message (in their language) in your autograph book or journal.  I have seen some sort of World Showcase passport for purchase, but I don’t know that much about it.
      a "Lady and the Tramp" topiary at Italy
      When it was my 15th birthday, I asked at each Kidcot station if they would write “Happy Birthday” in their language (e.g. Japanese).  So you can ask for a special message if you’re nice about it.  Also, you can ask them to sign their name.  I didn’t think to ask, but two Castmembers did it anyway.  Now my Disney journal is stamped by each country and is really cool to look back on.

      I hope that this post will help you to enjoy Epcot as much as I do.  Stay tuned for the next post for my Epcot series: The Kim Possible World Showcase Adventure!

      Sweet Shot Day

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      1. I love Epcot after dark, this is my favorite park! Now, can we please go back to Mexico so I take another siesta on the boat ride? Please??


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