May 18, 2011

Garden of Weeden

I don’t like to work in our yard. If you were to come to our house the night before a yard-work-day you might even hear a sigh escape my lips. It’s not that I don’t like to get my hands dirty; I just don’t like to get all sweaty. (Surprisingly I never mind much about getting hot & sweaty at Disney.)

I actually like to weed. I like to feel the little leafy-things come up out of the ground. Especially if they have a really long, thick root. I like to look at the different shapes and kind of weeds. I know that there are certain weeds that I need to grab and pull a certain way. And this might sound weird but when I see new weeds I think of it like a game, or a challenge to pull them out.
Yea, I know that this isn’t a weed but you don’t really think that I would actually put a photo of a weed up here do you?
When I weed I get to see the tiny, tiny details, like the pointy leaves on this weed or the fuzzy-stuff on that one.  Each is so intricate, so planned out, like a painting.  It helps to strengthen my faith that this world is not an accident or brought about by random chance over millions of years.  It had to have been created by God.  And if God put so much work into weeds, into “unwanted” plants, then think of how so very much more work and carefully thought out design He put into YOU! His so very much wanted and beloved child!

I praise You because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
                                                            Psalm 139:14

The same thing goes for flowers or any plant. A good example is when I weed over by this certain bush. The flower of this bush is very tiny and the petals look as if they were fondant shaped by a baker for a wedding cake. (No it isn't the flower in the photo) Whenever I see it I almost always say “How can anyone believe in evolution when they see this!?!” Truly it must have been designed by God!

The next time you weed don’t think of it as a boring chore, instead think of it as an affirmation of this truth:
                                                That God made this world.

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