April 14, 2011

glasses: part one

photo courtesy of MS Word
Recently I submitted a long-ish short story to a magazine.  Here is part one of my two-part story.

In a faraway land called Tasrumainia, a young girl named Merrie was walking toward her home at a ferocious pace.  She had just come from the auditions for her village’s annual play and was sorely disappointed.  Merrie had hoped that this year she would be chosen to play the main female role, but as usual, Miss Winiford chose Full-of-Herself-Sally to play the princess.  Maylien, Merrie’s best friend, had tried to tell Merrie that being a castle servant (what Merrie was every year) was still a great part.
                “Huh, easy for her to say.  She’s always the top lady-in-waiting!”  Merrie said angrily to herself as she walked down the well-used path.  When she came to a fallen tree trunk in the middle of the forest outside her home, she sat down to pout and think aloud.  “I’m never picked to be anything important!” she cried. “Nothing good ever comes my way!”
                “Ah yes, the woe of the world!” said a strange voice behind her. 
Merrie wiped a tear away as she looked around.  She saw a shadowy figure behind a tree.    
                “Who… who are you?” Merrie asked fearfully.  She had heard tales about strange people who lived in the forest, but she never believed them… until now.
                “A friend,” the voice answered, lurking behind a tree. “Tell me your troubles and perhaps I can help.”
                She told the voice all about the auditions.  “It’s not fair!” She said angrily.
                 “Hmm, well I believe you are right, it isn’t fair, you have every reason to complain.  I suggest that you tell this…Miss Winiford so.”
                “I already tried that but it didn’t work,” Merrie answered. “What else do you suggest?”
                “That was it, I can’t think of anything else.” The figure began to move back, out of her view and was gone.
                “Wait you said you’d help me!” Merrie called after the voice.  It was then that she saw another figure. But this figure didn’t stay hidden behind a tree; he walked over to her. He was an old man with a long white beard and a kind smile.

Who is the bearded stranger?  Will he be able to help Merrie?  What do you think will happen next?  Check back for part two of glasses to find out.

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