April 5, 2011

Top Ten Tuesday: My Favorite Books

I love to read books. I especially love to read ones about adventure! I’ve told my family that if I had no schoolwork, chores, or family-stuff, I would read a book in literally one day. And actually, I’ve done it...twice! (Reading a book in a day that is…not telling my family that I can do it) ;)

Here are some of my favorite books.

1. The Kingdom Series ~ By Chuck Black

2. The Knights of Arrethtrae ~ By Chuck Black

3. Viking Quest ~ By Lois Walfrid Johnson

4. The Terrestria Chronicles ~ By Ed Dunlop

5. The Chronicles of Narnia ~ By C.S. Lewis

6. Journey to Freedom ~ By Gilbert Morris

7. Passages ~ By Paul McCusker

8. The Great & Terrible Quest ~ By Margaret Lovett

9. Nancy Drew books ~ By Carolyn Keene

10. The Official Guide to Adventures in Odyssey ~ By Nathan Hoobler and the Adventures in Odyssey team

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