June 22, 2010

Pastor Funnies

Sometimes my pastor tells jokes during the sermon.  Here is my favorite:

Helicopter Ride
One day a husband and wife were driving along when they saw a sign that said "HELICOPTER RIDES" and decided to go.  Unfortunately it would cost $100 for each of them. But the pilot said that if neither one said a word during the whole flight it would be free.  The couple agreed and soon they were off.  No one spoke even though the pilot took them through loops, corkscrews, and everything that you would find on a rollercoaster!  Eventually they were about to land when the pilot said "I can't believe it, how did you do it"?
"Oh it was preety easy keeping quiet", said the husband. "But I admit I almost spoke when my wife fell out the window"!

If your wife falls out of a flying helicopter you'd better scream!

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