September 22, 2009

Fall Into Reading Contest

My mom told me about this contest at Callapidder Days, and because I love to read I have decided to partake of it.


The books that I will be reading are:

      a. For History

  1. The Roman Ransom

  2. The Eagle of the Ninth   

  3. The Ides of April     

  4. The Bronze Bow     

  5. Black Horses for the King

  6. Flame Over Tara     

  7. The Samurai's Tale   

  8. A Single Shard       

  9. The Great and Terrible Quest

  10. Otto of the Silver Hand

  11. Master Cornhill       

  12. A Proud Taste for Scaelet and Miniver

  13. I, Juan de Pareja     

  14. Shadow of a Bull     

  15. The Second Mrs. Giaconda 

  16. Leonardo da Vinci   

  17. The Westing Game  

  18. Luther: Biography of a Reformer 

  19. The Shakespear Stealer

       b. For Fun
 I won't name them all but I have 15 Boxcar Children books that I will also be reading.

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