January 9, 2009

New at Blogging!

Well, as the title says I'm "new at blogging!" My mom already has a blog and it looks like lots of fun so she set up a blog for me too! But I have to confess say only 85% of my blog will be actual blogging. The other 15% will be...DOODADS! You know, links, shelfari, cute little pix with words or bible verses on them. Things like that.

But I'm getting off topic. I wanted to write about the name of my playpen blog not its cute accessories doodads. The first word "Stories" represents my love of thinking-up stories; it also represents that my posts will be stories, both non-fiction (real life) and fiction (tales I think-up). The last two words "Quill Pen" represent my love for old-fashioned things such as "quill pens", hand-held fans, 18th century ballgowns, old classic movies, those sort of things.

HOORAY!!! I wrote my first post!!! I hope you enjoy my blog and please send me comments.

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  1. My compliments to you on your writing. You write in a very interesting way - like your mom! :)

    Elisabeth (another mom)


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