January 13, 2009

Movie Review: Brigadoon

My family loves to watch old movies! Here's a review of one we like.

In this musical two friends, Tommy & Jeff (Gene Kelly & Van Johnson), go on a hunting trip to Scotland when they get lost and stumble out of the mists into the beautiful village of Brigadoon, which only appears every 100 years. While there the friends meet a variety of people; one of them is the lovely Fiona (Cyd Charisse) whom Tommy falls in love with! But things get complicated when Tommy & Jeff are told by the wise Mr. Lundie, another villager, that once someone decides to stay and live in Brigadoon he can never leave, lest the village should vanish into the mist and never be seen again. However he also says "Anything is possible when you love someone. Even... miracles."

This movie has lot's of singing and Scotish dancing in it that the whole family can enjoy!
I rate this movie with 5-stars.

Once a week (or more) I will try to write a movie review (like this one!).

*As always parents should check out a movie first to see if it is appropriate for their family.*

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